Become our SBBfaN!

How nice that you are thinking about becoming SBBfaN!

The financial capabilities of the cultural associations in the Netherlands are not that great in the Netherlands and, of course, neither are the financial capabilities of a student association. That is why we, as a student and cultural association, are especially happy with people who want to help us!

We have 8 different options with which you can become a real fan. This starts at € 3, – so you don’t have to wait until “Ome Duo” has visited! For each option there are certain rewards that you  will receive. For example, with the second option you will receive a genuine SBBN sticker and, for example, it is also possible to reserve seats for a performance with option 7. All the above rewards are added to the reward that you receive per previous option. For example, you receive the SBBpeN for € 30 and you will be mentioned at the next final performance in addition to all of the above which are, the video message, chance of winning tickets, a sticker, the option to pre-order tickets and a name on the website.

The different amounts are paid via iDEAL, after which we will contact you!

By placing a donation, you will be an official SBBfaN for one year from that moment!

SBBfaN deals:

Amount Reward
 €       3.00 Mention on the website
 €       5.00 + SBBN Sticker
 €     10.00 + Personal video message and chance on winning free tickets
 €     30.00 + The SBBpeN, + mention on the next big performance
 €     50.00 + Meet en Greet with member of choice
 €     75.00 + SBBN-Hoodie
 €   100.00 + Reserved spots on performance + dedicated song on performance
 €   150.00 + Free ticket for final performance


Click on the option to continue and place your donation.

Our SBBfaNs

These are all official SBBfaNs who support our association!

  • Prof. Dr. Daniël Wigboldus
  • Dion Janssen
  • Teije Boeijen
  • Hans ten Berge
  • Kees Dekkers
  • Nanneke Maartense
  • Wouter van Weert


Foto: Veerle Bastiaanssen