The history of Students Big Band Nijmegen is not much yet… ‘Good story, nice and short’ might be best in this place.

In 2016 Roy ten Berge and Berend van Deelen, both students Artificial Intelligence, thought not having a big band was a big miss for Nijmegen. Given the very successful student big bands in the Netherlands, they thought that Nijmegen could not stay behind. Consequently Student Big Band Nijmegen was founded. After a large wave of auditory probes a band of 20 students was formed and they started the first rehearsal in October 2016.

Berend van Deelen (21 years at the founding) is the first musical leader of the company. With a huge passion for conducting and writing music for the big band, he led them to the first two (very successful) performances at the Culture Cafe on the Campus in Nijmegen. Thus, the first project “Hyped” (20 January 2017) formed a good base for more, much more.

Meanwhile, the big band is already some years further and has made several extensions of the big band. New musicians, but also new own instruments. With a huge amount of ideas for the future, this big band can not be stopped!

For more information about the creation of the Big band and Berend of Parts, read here an interview (NL) of nultweevier.nl with Berend.

List of conductors:

2016 – present: Berend van Deelen