Although we dont exist for a very long time yet – there are some stories to tell already. Stories about sold out shows in Brebl and full-house performances in Berlin: We have had the possibility to present many great things lately. 

It all began in 2016 with Roy ten Berge and Berend van Deelen. The two friends came across their common passion for music during a fun night out within their study association. Within an instance they were confronted with the fact that Nijmegen is still missing a Student Big Band. Other student cities however did have such bands: There should also be one in Nijmegen. After a big round of auditions, the very first rehearsal took place in Oktober 2016. On the way to its first project, the big band took shape. 

After a first performance at the resignation event of the former head of college of the RU, we gave our first own performance in January 2017. A band consisting of 20 musicians, we played at the well-stocked Cultuurcafe under the theme of “Hyped!” This first show was a success instantly and it sure was an appetiser for upcoming ones. 

In the meantime, we are a few years in business and gave had the opportunity to set some highlights. For example, together with the Nijmeegs Student orchestra CMC, we had two (!) sold-out shows in Brebl! This cooperation had so much positive resonance that we sweetened and upgraded our cooperation in that we went on tour in summer 2019. Under the name of the Nijmegen Fusion Orchestra (NFO), we meant to mess up Berlin. As a result, we gave two fine shows! Additionally, we have had a lovely collaboration with pianist and componist Martin Fondse and the Dutch Jazz Choir (formerly known as the Fontsys Jazz Choir).

In addition to our own projects, we were also able to deliver other fine acts. For instance, we could add some fuel to the fiery show of the Nederlands Student Jazzorkest (NSJO) as their opening act. Moreover, we have been guests of the Music Meeting Festival two times and once again have played at “de Vereeniging” together with the CMC. Next to that, we have spiced up gala´s, parties and other events with our music. 

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2016 – current: Berend van Deelen