Berend van Deelen is a Masters student at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Together with Roy ten Bergen he is the co-founder of the Student Big Band Nijmegen.

With his ravenous passion for music and unbelievable dedication, he stands in front of the band bringing word to his musical ideas. Additionally, he arranges and composes parts of the musical pieces himself. 

This musically gifted all round-genius is not solely active in the SBBN. His musical CV also hints at his experience at the base and as a board member at the NSJO. Also, he is the base player of the small Big-Band “ Start Spreading the News”. For these Orchestras, Berend was asked to arrange a handful of pieces already. Next to having been a founding-board-member at the SBBN, Berend also was part of the board of CongAC, the study association of the Artificial Intelligence track, for a year. Moreover, he was involved in the foundation of the umbrella association “Kompanio”.

VeerleBas Photography