The second board of Student Big Band Nijmegen consists of four enthusiastic orchestra members. Together they are responsible for the big band. The board is currently composed as follows:

Chairman – Marieke van Dijk
The chairman keeps an overview of everything that happens in the association. Furthermore, the chairman is the face of the association and maintains contact with conductor and soloist.

Secretary – Myron Arts
The secretary is all about communication in and around the association. In addition, he or she helps the chairman with his or her duties and he or she keeps the membership file.

Treasurer – Cas Visser
The treasurer is about the finances of the association. He or she sets up the budget and manages the contribution, subvention and declarations. Furthermore, he or she is in touch with friends of the orchestra and donors.

Performance Commissioner  (general board member) – Kees Heesterbeek
The performance commissioner maintains contact with external parties about upcoming performances and is responsible for the smooth running of the events.

1st board, founders of SBBN, 2016/2017:

  • Chairman: Roy ten Berge
  • Secretary: Teije Boeijen
  • Treasurer: Thomas Bonekamp
  • Musical Director: Berend van Deelen

(Founders: Teije Boeijen, Berend van Deelen, Roy ten Berge en Thomas Bonekamp)